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How To Set An Image Title In Hugo Using Org-Mode Markup

One of the differences between using markdown and org-mode markup for writing Hugo pages is how you set the alternative text and title of an image. In markdown, you would write it as ![alt text](dummy-image.png "Image Title") Where in org-mode, typically you would use a caption like this #+CAPTION: Image Title [[file:dummy-image.png]] and that would be the end of it. However in Hugo, if we use that format, we end up with this

Hugo Org-Mode Default Archetype

I love using Hugo to write. Their org-mode markup support is absolutely top notch. The only real problem with it is that while it's well supported, the Hugo docs don't cover it very much, as Markdown and TOML are the main markup and configuration languages. One of the basic building blocks for Hugo blogs are Archetypes. Archetypes get used as the templates for new posts, and get automatically filled out with the title of the post and creation date.