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Adding a Second Encrypted Drive to Fedora

This post will cover creating a second encrypted drive on Fedora that automatically decrypts on boot and mounts to a set location. I had finally run out of room on my SSD. I went to the store to buy another so I could increase the amount of storage space in my PC. I got home and installed it. Then I thought. My main drive in encrypted and setup by the Fedora installer, so my second should be too right?

Installing Bitwig Studio on Fedora 32

Bitwig Studio is an amazing cross platform digital audio workstation (DAW). One of its best features, at least for me, is that it works on Linux, which is pretty rare in the professional audio world. While they say on their website that they support "Linux", what they mean is that they support Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu, as they only provide .deb packages. Fortunately for Fedora users, there's a way to get around that using alien, an application that lets us convert .