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Reverse engineering a thermal printer's WiFi setup commands

Introduction I recently purchased a thermal receipt printer off of AliExpress for a project. It features both WiFi and USB connectivity which I thought was really cool for the price. To my dismay, I realized after purchasing that the drivers and configuration application only run on Windows. This wasn't a huge deal, as thermal printers generally use the somewhat kinda standardized command set called ESC/POS. Unfortunately while many of the formatting commands are shared between printers, the commands to setup the WiFi connection don't seem to be documented anywhere, and I suspect are device-specific.

Installing Hak5's Cloud C2 on Alpine Linux

I recently purchased some products from Hak5, some of which integrate with their self-hosted service for monitoring your equipment called the Cloud C2. I decided to run it on one of my servers which runs one of my favourite Linux distributions, Alpine Linux. You have the option to purchase the community edition for free from their shop, after which you'll receive a product registration code via email. This email will also contain a link to download the Cloud C2 software, which are distributed as (mostly) statically linked go binaries for several platforms all bundled together in a zip folder.

Installing Bitwig Studio on Fedora 32

Bitwig Studio is an amazing cross platform digital audio workstation (DAW). One of its best features, at least for me, is that it works on Linux, which is pretty rare in the professional audio world. While they say on their website that they support "Linux", what they mean is that they support Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu, as they only provide .deb packages. Fortunately for Fedora users, there's a way to get around that using alien, an application that lets us convert .