The first slide of the OpenBSD introduction presentation

I recently gave a talk at work to help introduce OpenBSD to my colleagues. It's a broad introduction to the fundamentals of security in OpenBSD, as well as some basic system administration tips and suggestions anyone coming from a Linux background might find useful.

It's roughly split up into four sections; the history of OpenBSD, what sets it apart from other operating systems, a guided installation, and the system administration introduction.

In the original presentation the guided installation was done interactively with the participants installing OpenBSD in a VM on their machines to follow along with the slides.

I've tried my best to make it as accessible as possible while still covering the most important beats. If you find any errors please let me know so I can correct them, my contact info is on the about page.

I've corrected several small issues with the slides since the recording. I've replaced the file name /etc/mygateway with /etc/mygate, replaced the smartquotes with regular quotes, and removed the rebound program, to name the biggest fixes. These corrections are available at the slides linked below.

An Introduction to OpenBSD slides

You can find more information, and download OpenBSD from the OpenBSD website.